The Constitution of Nepal 2068 BS — as proposed by a group of Nepali students studying in the U.S.

Proposed Constitution of Nepal 2068 BSWhile the deadline for drafting a new constitution for Nepal is approaching, there seems to be very slim chance that Nepali leaders are going to be able to draft a new constitution within the time frame they asked for. A group of Nepali students attending various Universities in the United States have taken a step forward and come up with a a solution for Nepali leaders — they have prepared a proposed model for the constitution of Nepal 2068 BS.

The group includes Ramesh koirala, Laxman Puri, Swapnil Baral, Dilli Raj Poudel, Janak Gaire, Santosh Adhikari, Madhav Neupane and Yogesh Koirala. They say the constitution they have prepared is a outcome of numerous researches, discussions, and thoughts for the better and prosperous Nepal. They have referenced previous constitutions of Nepal along constitutions of various countries like the United States, Japan, France, Iran, Turkey, Brazil, China and India. They have emailed a copy of the proposed constitution to various media agencies,The Constitutional Assembly, Supreme Court, Nepal Bar Associations, and Civil Societies of Nepal. They hope this will bring a public awareness among Nepalis by providing a platform for the would-be constitution of Nepal.

Download a copy of the proposed consitution of Nepal 2068 BS

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    1. ur so fuckin stupid man. At least these people tried to do something that ou could have never had the balls of doing it yourself. Afu le kai garna sakidaina bhandai ma aru le gareko ramro kaaam lai udaune kasto bebhakoof manche raicha.

      1. ” ur so fuckin stupid man..” Wow after a long time I saw someone who starts a debate like this. I let yourself to judge where you stands in terms of intellectual grading. But, I will never live in a house constructed by using cards. I am pretty sure that you would. Wouldn’t you? You sounds smart..

  1. First of all, you guys did a good job and this might shake our rotten leaders. Thumbs up guys….
    and Mr Jay Sambhu!!!! I am preety sure u havn’t read anything and u just trying to be super smart by posting an unnecessary comment. If you have guts then try to do something better than blabber stupid things and play games in ur computer.

  2. @Bhola Nath. Article 1. I am pretty sure that you can distinguish between the conjunction AND and OR. Our present constitution plus the Supreme Court’s verdict says a child is a Nepali citizen if his/her father OR mother holds Nepali Citizenship. This error is in very first line. Do you think people will waste time reading whole document if they found error in first line? What i am saying is Initiations is great but a professional should only work in the area of his/her competence. Can you please name me how many these guys who wrote this Constitution hold Law Degree? If not, it just laughable.

      1. Ok, then here is the meaning. A child will be a citizen of Nepal if and only if His mother and father are both the citizens of Nepal. If you need more explanation please feel free to comment. I will be constantly visiting this page until i get my answers.

        1. article 1 does not say anywhere “….if and only if….” but it says “….AND….” which is very obvious reason to give citizenship and nobody should prevent that. Also number 2 of same article says other qualifications will be given by law. i think #2 of same article will cover your interest -child to nepali father OR mother will be nepali –

          if they give citizenship only to a child of nepali mother AND father, then I will be the first to oppose that. But I dont think that is the case here.

  3. looks like most of it is copied from the constitution of USA specially the chapter on president and house of representative.

    Article 55 provides the freedom to MP from conviction of crime,

    Article 41 Qualifications of the President:

    1. Must be a natural born citizen of Nepal.

    2. Other qualifications shall be determined by law.

    resticts the right of all nepalese holding citizenship. One can get citizenship if he was born in foreign land but has nepali father or mother. But he can’t be MP or hold any other high government position. because he is not born in nepal.

    Article 78:The Prime Minister shall be the chief of all armed forces under the Government of Nepal.

    So does that mean prime minister is head of state as arm forces should be under head of state. if so then who is president.

  4. @Jay Sambhu…

    At the very first cover page of the constitution they clearly mention that they are no professionals. They even mention that there might be several flaws which they are unaware of….

    You just sound stupid and unconcerned towards our nation!!!! Why do you bother to even comment on it, if you don’t even feel related to your country. These guys need to be applauded for what they have done. You can either give them suggestions or advices but not throw filthy comments!!!!!!!!

  5. @Rupsa, I am not throwing filthy comments neither I wanted to. If it was an unprofessional constitution written just to let our leaders know that anyone could write the constitution then they are obviously defeating the whole purpose. We already have constitution that says The Constitution of Nepal 2047. Secondly, if you know what a professional ethics is then you won’t be saying this to me. Thirdly, I am in US for training but I live and work in Nepal. My country’s current situation bothers me more that anyone else.

  6. Mr Jay Sambhu!!!!I don’t think by reading your comments it shows that you are least bothered about the current situation of Nepal than any one else…n for your kind information no one is fighting or trying to defend themselves…All we want is to throw positive and negative feedbacks with solution at least so that this can shape up into something better…. As you mentioned the constitution of Nepal 2047 is already there then why you guys have been paying millions and millions to those 601 CA members? Since I live here in USA, I don’t pay a single penny to those rascals and sadly at the end of the day I see all those pennies coming from working Nepalese like you….

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