Uges Limbu New Video ‘Angalana’

Normal Academic rocker Uges Limbu has again returned with a fresh material. It’s the lyrics video for the single “Angalana”. It is one of the songs from his side project which he has been promoting by offering one release after another. He aims to provide listeners a sneak peek of his work. “I want to reveal my records to my fans in advance to show my love and also to let them know how my music is. So when the songs are up on sale, they wont have to think much before purchasing my creations,” reveals Limbu.

All the tracks released on YouTube so far are all short versions and the full versions will be made available on itunes soon altogether .

As for now, here’s the awesome lyrics video of “Angalana”. The words have been played well in the visual.

Music, Lyrics and Composed By Uges [ Zaibo ]

Lyrics Music Video Edited By Sangey Yolmo.

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