Warm Help For Cold Terai

The largest charitable network of Nepalis, HELP NEPAL Network: One Dollar a Month Fund for Nepal is a global charity run on a fully voluntary basis. Involved in creative philanthropy, Help Nepal Network’s activities are perhaps the most inspiring. It has recently initiated a campaign to collect warm clothes and rugs and distribute them among people in Terai suffering from cold. People were asked to donate either their used clothes or money to buy new ones. Rabindra Mishra, one of the key Help Nepal Network members, is providing updates on the program with the posts on his Facebook page. On 25th December, he informed that a mini-truck full of warm clothes and 600 woolen rugs had been collected for the cause.

According to his recent post, 18,000 pieces of clothes were collected, 1,350 new blankets and shawls along with 1,050 woollen mufflers and 1,170 woollen caps were bought. The network also helped dispatch the clothes for the cold-hit in Terai, with the assistance of several volunteers. They are currently being distributed.

This initiative can definitely be taken as a major citizen-led initiative across Nepal.

Photos taken from Rabindra Mishra Facebook page

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