Woman fined $1.9 million for illegally downloading songs!

downloadingCNN reports a 32-year-old woman in Minnesota has been found guilty of illegally downloading music from the internet and fined a total of $1.9 million. She was found to have illegally downloaded 24 songs from the internet and a federal jury in Minnesota fined her $80,00 for each song totaling to a whooping $1.9 million.

This is a first case to go to trial in the United States according to her attorney, who also said she plans to appeal. On the other hand the spokeswoman for the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) said that RIAA was happy that the jury had found her guilty and they take this matter as seriously as they do.

If she had purchased the songs from one of the online vendors like Amazon or iTunes, where each MP3 songs costs about 99 cents, she could have downloaded those 24 songs for less that $24. But she did not and the consequences are in front of us. This is probably the largest fine ever charged for such kind of a case.

So be aware before you click those links on the internet. They are watching!

[Via CNN – Original Article]


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