Yeti Himalayan Sherpa Club Files A Protest Against Nirajan Malla At ANFA; LH MMC Says They Have Signed A Contract With Malla

Yeti Himalayan Sherpa Club(YHSC) has filed an action-demand-application at ANFA against player Nirajan Malla stating that the player betrayed them.

YHSC claims that Malla had taken three months salary in advance but he is now training with LH MMC.

On the other hand, Nirajan Malla admitted that he had received money from the club but he denied the statement of YHSC of betraying the club.

Yeti Himalayan Sherpa Club Treasurer and team manager, Tenzing Sherpa informed that Malla agreed to play from Himalayan Sherpa Club and received money (Rs 75,000 salary of three months) in advance.

When contacted, Malla accepted that he had expressed his desire to play from the club but hadn’t signed anywhere officially as to claim that he was already a YHSC player.

“I had received money from them but I didn’t sign the contract”, Malla said, “I told them (YHSC) that I would love to play for them and received money for medical treatment for my troubled knee but later I didn’t enjoy at YHSC”.

“So I decided to return whole amount (Rs 75,000) to YHSC but the club informed me that they had already filed an application of betrayal at ANFA”, Malla added.

The team manager of YHSC, Tenzing Sherpa raised quesion on the ethics of the player.

“We supported him a lot when he was struggling with his knee injury”, Sherpa said, “But he betrayed us. We heard that he has signed an agreement with LH MMC. He already received money from us for three months signing in the voucher”.

Laxmi Hyundai MMC Club has scooped Nirajan Malla out of this hitch.

“We have signed him”, LH MMC Club secretary and legal adviser Kumar Bhattarai told

“Malla desired to play from our club and informed us that he hadn’t signed a contract with YHSC”, Bhattarai said, “So we immediately signed him with Rs 40,000 per month. He said that he will enjoy in our club as most of his friends are playing with us”.

What about the claim made by YHSC?

“We don’t know if Malla is lying both parties”, Bhattarai said, “But I have clearly told Malla that LH MMC would release him as soon as possible if the club finds him wrongdoing”.

In reply on the raised question, Malla answered, “I haven’t signed a contract with Yeti Himalayan Sherpa Club. I have received money which I want to return to the Club”.

“I went to YHSC office to return the money but the club officials didn’t agree to receive the money”, added Malla.



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