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Aries Daily Overview for July 23, 2017
Things are heating up in a big way today -- romantically, intellectually, professionally or some combination of them all! You should be able to make new things happen with ease, and others are envious for sure.

Taurus Daily Overview for July 23, 2017
You're in the middle of a sizable drama today -- one brought on by someone's excessive attachment. If it's yours, you need to do something about it quickly, or you may lose more than you'd bargained for.

Gemini Daily Overview for July 23, 2017
You should find that others share your opinions before you have to convince them -- so save yourself the trouble! It's a great day for acting in unison and getting a lot done together.

Cancer Daily Overview for July 23, 2017
Don't worry about what other people think -- do what feels right! If there's outrage, that could just mean you're doing something right. In any case, you should be having fun, no matter what.

Leo Daily Overview for July 23, 2017
Life is pretty good up here -- at the peak of your personal energy, that is! You should be able to handle any nuisance with ease, and make serious progress on any project that means something to you.

Virgo Daily Overview for July 23, 2017
You've got a few too many projects and people to take care of today -- but good luck cutting any of them loose! You just need to wear yourself out in the short term to clear things out for the future.

Libra Daily Overview for July 23, 2017
Let your creative energy lead the way today -- you've got fewer limits than you think! See what's possible by trying, rather than worrying, and you may find yourself in a brand new position by tomorrow.

Scorpio Daily Overview for July 23, 2017
Sure, you may be stressed -- but things could be worse! You're dealing with it all pretty well, after all, and your energy is getting set to rebound pretty quickly. Expect a reprieve soon!

Sagittarius Daily Overview for July 23, 2017
Your big smile is the surest sign of your mood -- and that energy is unstoppable! You may be able to charm almost anyone, from DMV drones to that ice-cold supervisor at your workplace.

Capricorn Daily Overview for July 23, 2017
Someone close to you isn't doing nearly as well as you want them to -- but there's not a whole lot you can do about it just yet! See if you can get them to see the bright side while you get ready to help.

Aquarius Daily Overview for July 23, 2017
Try not to get too hung up on any big ideas that might only appeal to you and your immediate circle today -- you need to be as flexible as possible! Someone is sure to be interested in due time.

Pisces Daily Overview for July 23, 2017
It's not the best time to try to share advice with anyone -- they are much less interested in hearing you out right now. That doesn't mean you don't know what's going on, just that you need to bide your time.

[Via astrology.com]

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