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M&S INSPIRE: An Etched Love Story of Umashankar Shah & Dr Seema Sharma Shah

Partners in life and in work may sound like a dream. Fortunately for some, that dream is a reality. Umashankar Shah and Dr Seema Sharma Shah, an artist couple known for their etchings and oil paintings, share a passion for depicting nature, culture and religious figures through their artwork. They met while studying in the ancient city of Varanasi, and a few decades now, the couple have been teaching art at the Lalit College of Fine Arts, painting side-by-side in their home studio, collaborating and exhibiting together, and most importantly, supporting one another. In this interview with Alok Thapa of M&S VMAG, the duo provide insight into their creative lives and shares their struggles, their fears and their hopes for the future.

साझा सवाल अङ्क – ४८५ डोल्पामा विकासबारे बहस

डोल्पाको सदरमुकाम दुनैमा नेपाली कांग्रेसका पूर्वसाँसद दुधकुमारी हमाल, नेकपा एमालेका केन्द्रिय सदस्य हंशबहादुर शाही, नेकपा (माओवादी केन्द्र) का रामलाल विश्वकर्मा र उपल्लो डोल्पाबासी आङबहादुर लामासँग विकासबारे गरिएको बहस ।

M&S INSPIRE: Pedal Power – Santosh Rai

In a country where every second person wants to secure a 9 to 5 job and lead a safe life, Santosh Rai dared to dream differently. Rai, who has always felt more at home in nature, started Himalayan Single Track in 2011 with Jenny Caunt, a fellow mountain biker who shared the same passion for the outdoors. An avid cyclist, Rai prefers to explore Nepal on two wheels, and encourages other Nepalis to do the same. In this interview with VMAG’s Alok Thapa, Rai talks about his days of struggle, his company vision and why he believes in the potential for mountain-biking tourism.

TECH & TOYS: Lenovo Vibe K5 Note Review

From Lenovo, a company best known for some of the most impressive personal computers of the past decade, comes the Vibe K5 Note. It’s a mid-range phone built specifically for immersive multimedia and responsive gaming experience with a noticeably enhanced performance in terms of processors and battery. Based on our tests, it lives up to its hype, and here is quick rundown of what this 27K Smartphone is made of.

M&S INSPIRE: Harnessing the Power of Music – Shreeti Pradhan

Every time Shreeti Pradhan feels like expressing herself or wants to feel better, she turns to music. The singer, songwriter, composer, music teacher and music therapist, believes music has the power to not only entertain but also heal–to heal even those who have lived through extremely traumatic pasts. In this interview, Pradhan, who is also an active community worker, talks to Alok Thapa of M&S VMAG about how her experiences–professional and personal–have helped her become a music therapist for both children and adults.