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TECH & TOYS: Wearing a TAG Heuer Connected at Sulux & Co.

You know you’re not at a regular watch shop when you walk into Sulux & Co. at Durbarmarg. The premium watch boutique, located at the most prime real estate area in Kathmandu, showcases some of the big names in the luxury watch segment–like Bulgari, Bell & Ross, Armin Strom. And the centrepiece of them all is the TAG Heuer Connected. TAG Heuer are Swiss watchmakers with a legacy of traditional watchmaking that goes back over a century and a half.

TECH & TOYS: Lenovo Vibe K5 Note Review

From Lenovo, a company best known for some of the most impressive personal computers of the past decade, comes the Vibe K5 Note. It’s a mid-range phone built specifically for immersive multimedia and responsive gaming experience with a noticeably enhanced performance in terms of processors and battery. Based on our tests, it lives up to its hype, and here is quick rundown of what this 27K Smartphone is made of.