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Eat and drink responsibly this Dashain

Dashain is the time where there is a high time while shopping. Adulteration in food items can be found in abundance during such season. We should not ignore that different sweet and confectionaries found in the open market can be adulterated with colors and harmful sugars. Such addition of non-permitted colors can cause liver damage, hyperactivity, cancer, allergies and birth defects.

Dining with children important

Survey recently reported that children who do not dine together with their family members are more prone to get indulged in addiction like smoking, drinking alcohol and drug abuse. Similarly, such children also have higher chances of developing obesity that will push them in greater danger of health problems like high blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes and emotional problems.

Junk Food and Junky are alike

Packaged noodles, potato chips and different beverages easily available in the market work as catalyst to invite disease like diabetes, brain hemorrhage, cancer and heart related diseases. Similarly, it invites constipation and oral diseases. Researchers have proved that these kinds of food categorized as ‘junk foods’ have adverse effect on adults’ bones.