Dining with children important

Family Dinner Day[5]Fighting with the current skyrocketing market price value, every one works hard enough to meet their daily needs. Unlike yester years, people are now juggling many tasks that might be because of running after financial or professional pursuit. While elders of a family works two or shifts, college going students invest their majority hours in education. On the contrary, youngsters are more attracted towards their peer circles. Remaining are the children who wait for their parents to come home and have a loving time to be spent. There are many days recorded that parents are not available to eat their food with their children. Let’s concentrate into the merits and demerits of eating meals together. Isn’t this necessary for a healthy and happy life?

Through a national phone survey of 1,000 teens and 829 parents of teens, researchers at CASA (National Centre on Addiction and Substance Abuse) at Columbia University have recently reported that children who do not dine together with their family members are more prone to get indulged in addiction like smoking, drinking alcohol and drug abuse. Similarly, such children also have higher chances of developing obesity that will push them in greater danger of health problems like high blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes and emotional problems. On the contrary, fewer children who dine with their family members were found to have got indulged in addictive habits as such. Joseph Califano Jr., Chairman and President of The CASA says, ‘One of the simplest and most effective ways for parents to be engaged in their teens’ lives is by having frequent family dinners’

The probabilities of children getting indulged in addictive habits will be far less if they have the history of eating their meals with their family members. Whilst this habit ensures healthy growth of a child, it will also help in developing a feeling of respect towards the elders because it welcomes equal participation of all the family members. On the other hand, children win inspiration for their parents to become an exemplary individual in the near future.

Researchers have also suggested that children become more disciplined that will be helpful in their life to lead it without a flaw. Children who dine with their parents tend to eat more vegetables and fruits. The research found that their intake of dried foods, soda and other kinds of junk foods will be less.  Such children have been found to be concerned regarding the healthy diet pattern. This in-built habit will help them maintaining their life healthy all lifelong.

Talking while eating is regarded as a bad habit since long but recent researches have suggested that the conversation during the period help the family members to know the challenges faced by an individual and rooms for help is expected. Parents will also get a suitable environment to discuss and share about their childhood memories and let their children to have virtual experience and learn. The dinner time is suggested to be a suitable time for family members to share their learning and discover the expectation from their children. The time will let the parents to know their children more and help them know the positive paths necessary in their life.

Even if you are busy in your daily routine, try the level best to organize a family dinner and dine together.

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