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M&S INSPIRE: Lens on Life – Kishor Kayastha

At a time when everything is moving so fast–changes in habits, attitudes, technology, life itself–Kishor Kayastha wants his photo work to do the opposite. With a click, he can freeze a sliver of time, and document it for the next generation. He wants to draw viewers into “his world”, where people can create their own interpretation of stories from his photos. On the cusp of releasing his short film Shifting Valley, Kayastha talks to Alok Thapa of M&S VMAG about his early days, what Kathmandu Valley means to him and how his unique vision is sometimes misunderstood.

M&S INSPIRE: Jagadish Tiwari’s Panoramas of Nepal

When he got his first camera – a hand-me-down, tiny point and shoot – Jagadish Tiwari hadn’t remotely considered that it might one day provide a career for him. Today, Tiwari’s famous panorama posters adorn the walls of restaurants, appear on brochures, postcards and are picked up by tourists as souvenirs. In conversation with the veteran landscape and mountain photographer who believes that for those who are artistically inclined, there’s no place to be born than in a photogenic country like Nepal.

Impact Nepal Earthquake Relief – ‘Making a Transitional Shelter’

Impact Nepal will distribute CGI-Sheet based Transitional Shelters to 650 households of Kalika Village in Sindhupalchowk. These shelters, costing around $150 each, will provide protection from the upcoming monsoon and is highly durable to last a few years. The locals were given training on how to build the shelter themselves. Impact Nepal also distributed tarps and blankets to everyone.This video demonstrates the building steps of these shelters.

Anti-Logos In Protest of the ‘2022 FIFA World Cup’ Urges Sponsors To Withdraw

FIFA’s decision to hold the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar is drawing more and more criticism as more and more allegations of everything from bribery and financial mismanagement to slavery and deadly work conditions pile up. 900 workers have died during construction for the Qatar world cup, and some estimate that this number will rise to 4,000 before they’re finished. A few people have begun drawing and sharing anti-advertisements featuring major sponsors that continue to support the World Cup. Take a look!

महाभूकम्पको पीडा: नेवारी भाषामा सुन्दर कविता (भिडियोसहित)

विनाशकारी महाभूकम्पले धेरैको घरबार गुमेको छ । हजारौंको मृत्यु भयो । लाखौं नेपालीले दुःख भोगिरहेका छन् । यस्तो दुःखत र दर्दानाक पीडालाई समेटेर सर्जकहरुले धेरै गीतहरु लेखेका छन् ।