Show Support For Bato Ko Cinema (BKC) To Reach Remote Areas Of Nepal

Sattya Media Arts Collective have been conducting a street cinema project called Bato Ko Cinema (BKC). By turning Nepal’s public spaces into an open-air street cinema, they strive to spark ideas, create discussions and inspire people through films. Now the organisation plans to reach out to the most remote places in the Himalayas.

Source: Sattya Media Arts Collective Facebook page

Many documentaries are made about, and shot in various parts of Nepal. But even after being screened in numerous international film festivals and theaters worldwide, such films are seldom seen by the people about whom those have been made. In other words, this project is bringing the stories back to their rightful owners.

The BKC team will be going to the remote area of Mid-West Nepal in order to screen the films that were made in the region, but never seen by the people who live there and are portrayed in them. The impact of cinema and the importance of storytelling will be captured in a short film shot along the way by filmmakers and researchers Matjaz Pinter and Eva Pivac.

For this 3-week long project  to be possible,  substantial amount of financial support is required. Hence, to cover the day to day expenses of the team, and help ensure the safety of all participants along the way, the organizers have started a fundraising initiative on Their goal is to raise $1,300 and they have been able to collect $978 dollars so far. 

Those interested to support this social cause, click here to make a donation.

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