Doctors too exhaling rings of smoke

1 (1)I have befriended with many individuals who are serving as doctors professionally. For many times, I have dined with them and have a light moment as well. To my surprise, I have found them smoking cigarettes and I had many questions revolving around my brain. Is smoking few cigarettes not harmful to health? Or, is smoking really not that bad or why doctors also smoke if they know better than other? Lo and behold, some came out to be chain smokers.

Not with only the doctors, I have also came across some individuals from other medical backgrounds who smoke cigarettes. Few months ago, I had a great time with a Finnish nurse and during that one hour of lunch, she had smoked nearly 6 sticks of cigarettes. ‘I am a nurse by profession and I know that I shall not be smoking cigarettes’, says Anna (name changed).

Also with other respected person associated with respected jobs. I had a teacher back in college who shared about his habit of smoking cigarettes. ‘Earlier I used to smoke a lot of cigarette but now, I am managing to quit and it is really hard’, says Rabindra Pokhrel (name changed). ‘Now, I just smoke two sticks a day’, he added.

For every kind of health related advices, doctors have been the most reliable source of information and many people have discontinued their bad habits following the suggestions and advices received from them. Many smokers have quit smoking following doctors advices for not to smoke. But the recent studies have shown the majority of doctors being ‘chain smokers’ and this would be a question to all the well wishers, relatives and dear and nears who are worried about their close associates who smokes.

A recent study shows that more than 30% of the doctors in the country smoke cigarettes. The data provided by the Ministry of Health and Population shows that 35% dentists, 35% pharmacists, 33% physicians and 4% nurses smoke cigarettes.

The report, disseminated at District Health Office, Kavre revealed that many doctors have also been taking a break from operation theatre and return after smoking a cigarette. The report suggested that the doctors who are habituated of smoking cigarettes have developed the habit from their adolescence period. Similarly, the report also suggested that 52% male population and 13% female population of the country smoke cigarettes in daily basis.

To quit a smoke, one should wait for encouragement applied by near and dear ones but should be a willingness that will spring up from one’s willpower.

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