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Visualizing Crisis Relief in Nepal

During times of crisis, we see people coming together on Facebook to support one another. When tragedy struck Nepal, people turned to Facebook to find out if their loved ones were safe and to donate to relief efforts. To add life to the number of people using Facebook during the Nepal earthquake, we have visualized them on a map of the world.

Facebook: A New Nepali Movie

Supposed to be based on the popular social networking site, Facebook has been produced by Sunil Kumar Thapa and directed by Suraj Subba. The film, which was shot partly in Kathmandu and partly in Singapore, features Rajesh Hamal, Jharana Thapa, Subash Thapa, Wilson Bikram Rai, and Anurag Man Singh Kunwar among others and is set for nationwide release on Shrawan 15.

How to use Facebook in Nepali? नेपालीमा फेसबुक कसरी चलाउने?

Facebook has recently launched support for Nepali language. You can follow the steps below to use Facebook in Nepali: 1. Go to Settings (Top right corner, next to your name) 2. Go to Account Settings 3. Click on the Language tab 4. From the drop down menu next to Primary Language choose नेपाली. (You might … Continue reading How to use Facebook in Nepali? नेपालीमा फेसबुक कसरी चलाउने?