16 Rhinos Died Of Natural Cause In The Current Fiscal Year

Loss of one-horned rhinos has been increased in spite of the poaching of the animals coming under control. A total of 16 rhinos have died due to natural cause at the Chitwan National Park so far in the current fiscal year.

Source: zsl.com
Source: zsl.com

In 2071 BS, a total of 10 rhinos were recorded to have died natural death in the park. The Park has however not seen a single rhino died of poaching since May 3, 2015 during which 16 rhinos died of natural cause.

Assistant Conservation Officer at the Park, Nurendra Aryal, said some rhinos died from attack of tiger and crocodile, fighting with each other as well as receiving electric shock.

There are 645 rhinos across the nation while Chitwan National Park alone is home to 605, as per the latest census. The number of rhinos had decreased sharply during the armed conflict period.

However, the number of rhinos rose with the success of the anti-poaching campaign organised by the government.

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