21 NOC Staff Arrested For Attempting To Hide Litres of Petrol

Source: Ekantipur
Source: Ekantipur

Police arrested 21 staff of Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC), when they were attempting to steal and conceal 17,000 litres of petrol imported from India in Rupandehi on April 29, Tuesday.

NepalNews reported the NOC staff were arrested after they diverted the fuel-loaded tankers before they reached the NOC depot in Rupandehi. The tankers had entered from India.

The NOC staff were pouring petrol inside big drums hidden underground in their reclusive location when they were caught red hand. The secret sites were located in Padsari VDC-1 and Madhbaliya VDC-3. There were a total of 19 tankers carrying the fuel.

This is commendable move made by the Nepal Police after the case came to light at a time when Kathmandu was facing fuel shortage. Even though the NOC comes under speculation for corruption and malpractices, its officials always seem to deny the claims.

Similarly, the NOC frequently complains of huge deficits in the trade of fuel, but has done little to improve its internal management and address the issues of adulteration and leakages.

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