Actor Shree Krishna No Longer With Us

One of the most beloved Nepali actors Shree Krishna Shrestha has passed away, reported the website for the national daily Annapurna Post. He was being treated at Apollo Hospital in New Delhi when he took his last breath on Saturday night (August 9, 2014) as informed by director Akash Adhikari.


Shrestha and his actress wife Shweta Khadka had gone to India for treatment after just a couple of weeks since getting married and got admitted into the hospital on Asadh 27 (July 11, 2014). He had been sick for months due to his lungs problem.

Shedding more light on the late actor’s death, Adhikari said, “I got the news through a call from New Delhi early in the morning. He had already left us the night before. All the family members are about to leave for New Delhi and will be leaving with them as well.”

It is indeed a great loss for Nepali film industry with the passing of a very popular and dedicated actor like Shree Krishna Shrestha who started his acting career in 2048 with the film Bhumari.


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