Albatross Rocker’s B’day Bash

Albatross guitarist Sunny Manandhar aka Suncha Vox celebrated his birthday with a bang last Sunday, 23rd October. He turned 30. The rocker enjoyed his b’day bash with his close friends at Thamel’s House of Music- a live music club owned by Sanjay Shrestha of 1974AD. His three other band mates vocalist Shirish Dali, bassist Avaya Bajracharya and drummer Niraj Man Bajracharya were also present at the party.

Albatross are an award winning popular alternative rock band who are responsible for hits such as “Timi Bhane”, “Awaaz”, “Sacred”, “Koshish” and “Khaseka Tara” among others. The quartet’s latest album is called “Atti Bhayo”.

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