ANA Convention 2012 Dallas: First Meeting Held

Feb 4 – As ANA 2012 is making its way to Dallas pretty soon, the advisory board held a meeting in the Temptations Himalayan and Indian Restaurant in Irving on a gloomy and cold Saturday afternoon, marking a bright start to the 28 year old annual, most anticipated Nepali event in the United States.

The meeting was attended by the coordinator of ANA 2012, Pasang Sherpa Lama and the advisory chairman Dhiren Gurung, esteemed personalities in Dallas, along with various active organizations from Dallas-Fort worth metroplex. Also present in the meeting were talented youths who have been actively involved in various events over the last few years in fields of entertainment, literature and sports.

The meeting was commenced by a heartfelt speech from the advisory chairman, Gurung himself, followed by an enthusiastic speech from coordinator of ANA 2012 Mr. Pasang Sherpa Lama. The members discussed various ideas for the upcoming event in late June this year, introducing each of them to the board.

Also in the meeting, one of the most important bodies of the ANA 2012, the executive board was selected. The board consists mostly of youths who have been exhibiting immense energy and have been involved in entertaining Dallas Nepalese Community in various ways.

ANA 2012 Executive Board Members

The Executive Board ANA 2012:

Shiwani Rajwar

Manan Sapkota

Ram Bhandari

Bipin Thakali

Bachan Tiwari

Jiwan Sigdel

Anoj K.C.

L. B. Subba (Representing Dallas Bhutanese Nepali community)

Nabin Jung Adhikari

Sunil Thapa (Houston)

Bhabika Joshi

Sagun Shrestha

Sabin Khatri

Rashik Aryal

The meeting ended with a brief photo-session of all the members and promises to make the event a grand success. The team is scheduled to meet Saturday Feb. 12 again to further discuss the events’ preparation progress.

Attendees at the first ANA 2012 Meeting

[News reporting by Shiwani Rajwar, Irving, Texas]

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