ANA Texas Chapter presents Second All Nepalese 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament on June 1, 2013

ANA Texas Chapter is organizing a 3 on 3 basketball tournament open to all Nepalis living in and around DFW Metroplex on June 1, 2013 at Elzie Odom Recreation center, an indoor stadium in Arlington, Texas. This is the second such tournament organized by Nepali youth residing in DFW and this year’s tournament is being coordinated by ANA Texas Chapter.

The primary objective of this tournament is to create a vibrant, productive and prosperous community while building bridges to foster interfaith understanding with our neighbors. This tournament will be a great way to bring the community together and to show support for our youth. Let’s join and make it a big success.

DATE & TIME: JUNE 1st, 2013 (8:00 am onwards)

Team Registration fees $150 each team

Registration deadline: May 28, 2013 (team registration is limited to the first 16 teams only)

Venue: Elzie Odom Recreation Center indoor stadium

Address: 1601 NE Green Oaks Blvd, Arlington, TX 76006

Coordinators: Ram Bhandari: 817-889-7477 & Binod Bista: 817-733-6497

Contact email: [email protected]

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All Nepalese 3 on 3 basketball tournament rules:

  1. A team will consist of 3 players on the court and 5 players max on the roster. A game may be started and continued with a minimum of three players.
  2. NO food or drink in the Gym.
  3. 3 All players of a team must have matching uniforms during the course of play. All participants must wear sneakers. No hard protective casts and/or jewelry (rings, watches, chain necklaces, etc.) shall be worn.
  4. A coin flip prior to the game will determine first possession of the ball.
  5. Game time is forfeit time. Teams must be present and signed in by their scheduled game time.
  6. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit. The first team to score twenty-one (21) points will win the game. It is not necessary to win by two (2) points. Each basket scored in front of the 3-point line is worth one (1) point. Each basket scored behind the 3-point line is worth two (2) points.
  7. On a change of possession, steal, rebound, etc., the defensive team must take the ball outside the 3-point arc to establish itself as the offense. Even on an air ball, the defense must take the ball outside the arc.
  8. Each team is allowed three 45-second time-outs per game.
  9. Substitutions may be made after a basket or any stoppage of play.
  10. The offensive team must make one pass before a shot is taken.
  11. Free throws count as one point. When fouled in the act of shooting, free throws are awarded to the fouled shooter. All free throws are dead balls. Regardless of whether the free throw(s) are made, the same team checks the ball from the check box.
  12. The referee will record each personal foul. Each team member is allowed four personal fouls. Upon receiving the fourth personal foul, the player is disqualified.
  13. Alternating possession on all jump ball situations will be in effect.
  14. Referee may disqualify a player guilty of excessive, flagrant or intentional fouling.
  15. The players listed on the roster at the time an entry form is submitted are the only players eligible without the consent of the event staff. The All Nepalese 3-on-3 basketball staff reserves the right to request identification from players at any time during the tournament. All participants are encouraged to bring picture identification to the tournament. Information provided to All Nepalese 3-on-3 basketball tournament on your entry form is the basis for division breakdowns. Any false information is grounds for disqualification.
  16. Actions that are potentially dangerous to the participants of the game and/or conduct that is detrimental to the purpose of the Intramural Sports Program will not be tolerated. No players may physically intimidate or verbally abuse other players or any other members. Violations of this nature will be considered unsportsmanlike conduct and may result in removal from the tournament.

Fighting – any acts of aggression or physical violence will result in disqualification.

***We intend to strictly enforce the NBA rules ( and expects full co-operation from all of the teams involved. Rules related to ball movements, body movement such as traveling, screens, dribble techniques, jump and rebounds, tip offs, shooting, shooting fouls etc., which are related to the game shall be followed according to the NBA ( rules and regulations

A copy of captain’s driver’s license from each team is mandatory. ANA TEXAS will not responsible for any damages and injuries inherent during the game.

Enjoy the game and good luck.


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