Ancient Kingdom With Mysterious Caves Discovered In Mustang

There’s no questioning that our country Nepal is full of wonders, natural or historical. And recently there’s been another discovery that only adds more evidence to the statement. An ancient kingdom with thousands of caves were found in the former kingdom of Mustang. Hidden within the Himalayas, 155ft from the ground, these human-build caves are said to be one of the World’s greatest archaeological mysteries. Thousands of holes are carved into the fragile, sandy-coloured cliff in a gorge so large it dwarfs the Grand Canyon. The astonishing number of caves, some dug into the cliffside, others tunnelled from above are thousands of years old but who built them and why remains a mystery. Adventure photographer, Cory Richards joined climber Pete Athans, archaeologist Mark Aldenderfer and a team of explorers to unearth the hidden relics of the ancient and remote caves.

mustang caves

mustang caves1

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