Arjoon KC awarded Outstanding Art Student from Dallas County Community College District

April 5, 2013 – Arjoon KC, a Dallas-based popular muralist, freelancer, and modern artist, was honored with Cecil Wallace Fordham Outstanding Art Student Award from Dallas County Community College of District (DCCCD) at an award function today at El Centro College in Downtown Dallas.


Arjoon was announced as the recipients for being outstanding artist in Visual Art based on the 2012 Student Art Portfolio Review by North Lake College Art faculty. He was the only one artist that was honored in Visual Art among seven community colleges of DCCCD (Dallas Community College District).

Professor Melodee Ramirez introducing award recipient Arjoon KC.
Professor Melodee Ramirez introducing Arjoon KC.

Arjoon is a very talented and versatile artist whose visual art includes almost all medium of paintings, drawings, and mixed media. Besides paintings, he is also interested in digital art, and videography as well. Besides Cecil Wallace Fordham Award, he has won North Lake College Outstanding Art Student award 2012, North Lake Purchase Award 2011, the Asel Art Supply Award 2012, and the North Lake Spotlight Show Award in 2011. He was also selected to be in the juried 26th Annual Texas & Neighbors Regional Art competition 2011, the North Lake Spotlight Exhibition 2011, World Fest Addison 2011, Dallas District Foyer exhibition 2012, , International watercolor Competition organized by International Watercolor Society (IWS) 2012, Edith Baker Art Scholarship 2012, and League for Innovation Student Art Exhibit 2013.

Arjoon Speaking at the award function about his art work.
Arjoon Speaking at the award function about his art work.

Melodee Ramirez, Art History/ Advanced Painting Professor of North Lake College said, “Arjoon has won almost all the awards that is offered here at Northlake Colleges during his academic career.” Melodee Ramirez has been mentor and muse for Arjoon KC in his artistic career. He has graduated in Associates in Fine Art from Northlake College on 2012 and Associates in Arts and Technology (Visual Communication) from Brookhaven College on 2013.

Arjoon with Professor Melodee Ramirez
Arjoon with Professor Melodee Ramirez

Arjoon volunteered as the coordinator of Fine Art and Photography exhibition at the 30th ANA Convention 2012 held in Dallas. His paintings received fame from Nepalese communities across the United States. He is planning to host a solo exhibition of his art work this summer in Dallas, followed by California and in Nepal too.


"Beyond the light, NY" painting by Arjoon KC
“Beyond the light, NY” painting by Arjoon KC


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