Baal Ho – Swami D & PSPN

Baal Ho…( Straight Outta Dallas)
Artist: Swami D & PSPN, Suni Sakya
Actors: Umesh, Dipesh, Ray, Mara, Kayla, Karen, Audelia, Carlee, Sydney, Bonnie, Ashley
MUA: Soniya Bhari Bajracharya, Alayza Casey
Cinematographer: Mark Montgomery
Executive Producer : Jay Shrestha
Direction/ Edit/ Color : Bikash Baraily

3 thoughts on “Baal Ho – Swami D & PSPN”

  1. Ok!! we get it, you worked hard and you got to this place, but what’s questionable is your acts and all those BS. Hard workers don’t act like you guys after you get success. Waving guns and all that — too fake cause everyone in Nepal knows we don’t have a gun-waving environment. On your interview on nepalisite, none of the answers to your questions makes sense. Things you guys said like “Nepali society backward thinker”, “inspiring people” are pretty lame coming out of you guys. Swami D, english haerna english..k vako ho testo…Makkai bhuteko sound aauney english ani tyo arko Nepali tarul ghaas, nepal ma pangra gudaundai hidney khatey ahile banduk ghumayera gaundai man doesn’t even make make that gun waving sense, tero aama lai kunai kaale le padkaayera ta ghaas ghetto ma hureko huna parthyo. You guys earned a lot thats good, you guys could have created nice songs, there are too many options, tara brother haru lai genre bhaneko nai thaha chaina hola, hahaha. Anyways, now you know, i am one of the haters.

    1. Cmon now, let them do there thing .. u don’t like it don’t watch it or comment on it simple as that , u jealous or some brah or u can’t do it that’s y u bitching about it huh .. keep it up brothers .. it’s time for something new n different . ..

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