Banners to Bags: Documentary On Empowering Waste In Kathmandu

Initiated by CWIN (Child Workers In Nepal), Banners to Bags is a social and environmental entrepreneurship venture based in Kathmandu, Nepal. This is the inspiring story of their vision to create alternatives to the use of plastic bags.

Banner Bags are an upcycled product — they are made from discarded flex (plastic) and fabric banners and turned into a product of higher value, the bags. It is a simple solution to address issues of waste management in the city. We believe small ideas can make a difference.

This project not only helps manage waste but also creates employment opportunities for youth at risk.

With the recent move by Kathmandu Metropolitan City to ban polythene plastic bags in the city and such great initiatives as CWIN’s Banners To Bags, we can certainly hope for a cleaner and more beautiful Kathmandu.

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