Beauty Tips and Tricks [Fashion Friday]

Beauty tips and tricks to save your money at credit crunch.  It will help you understand how you can use same product for different purposes. Also you don’t need to spend fortune to look good. And, if you’re curious about others’ experiences with specific products, visit for honest reviews. Because looking good should be as effortless as it is economical.

1) Reduce pores – Minise open pores by covering your face with light layer of  natural yoghurt. leave it for five minutes then rinse off. Youghurt’s live cultures cause skin to contract, making pores look smaller.

 2) Vaseline – Vaseline is a good a eye make up remover, can be used as lip gloss on top of your lipstick, can be used to tame unrurly eyebrows, for softer and better looking cuticles apply vaseline and put vaseline on your eyelash to moisturize them (lots of people say lashes grow longer and thicker overtime).

3) Body lotion – If you are feeling lazy to put body lotion after shower then pour some oil (any oil will do) in tub of water and wash off your body with that water and you are all done. You don’t need to apply any body lotion or oil in your body after that.

4) Cut booze, coffee and fizzy drinks – If you ‘ve got big night out and want your skin to look its best, cut out on booze, coffee and fizzy drinks. The reducation in caffine and sugar will make you skin and eyes look brighter and clearer and you’ll feel less tired too.

5) Baking Soda – To strengthen nails, soak your hands and feet in warm water with a tablespoon of baking soda.

6) Lipstick – If your favoruite lipsticks snaps in half, don’t throw them away. Instead melt the broken base slightly with a match or lighter. when it starts to soften, place the other broken piece on top. then wind the lipstick down and pop them in the fridge for half an hour to set. it will be good as new.

7) Eyeshadow Primer – Make your own home made primer. Mix shea butter and foundation together . Then blend those two properly. Your home made primer is simply ready by mixing two products.

8) Milk – If you have run out of cleasning milk just use milk to remove your make-up. Any milk will do (doesn’t matter if it is semi-skimmed, skimmed or whole milk). Dip cotton in milk and start removing your make-up.

9) Hot chocolate – Do you know that you can use hot chocolate powder as a blusher/bronzer for a cheek? Yes you can. Dab your blusher brush in hot chocolate powder and tap off excess hot chocolate and apply in apple of your cheek bones in circular motion and see the results – Lovely kissable cheeks.

10) Potato – Can be used to get rid of scars, dark circle under eye or uneven skin. Cut the thin layer of potato and apply on you face in circular motion for 5-10 minutes.

Editor’s Note: Sarita Chamling Rai, a London-based fashion blogger is the author of this post who contributes to the weekly Fashion Friday segment on TexasNepal Blog. To read more of her blog posts please visit her personal blog at

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