Bipul Chettri’s Live Concert: Maya The US Tour 2016

Bipul Chettri's Maya The US Tour 2016

For the first time in San Francisco, Naam Binako Ko Entertainment is presenting its inaugural live concert featuring Bipul Chettri and The Travelling Band on their Maya, the US Tour 2016 in Oakland on June 25 at the Oakland Scottish Rite Centre.

According to organizer UtsavChaudhary, it is Bipul’s and the band’s first ever US tour after successfully touring London, Melbourne, Sydney, Hong Kong, Dubai, Nepal, and India. They are excited to bring Bipul Chettri, one of the most popular musicians amongst the Nepali-speaking populace of the world. The organizers are overwhelmed to have received positive response from the community living in the Greater Bay area and the US as a whole. Tickets are being sold online, but demand for offline tickets has been equally high. They are distributing physical tickets to various locations of the Bay area and beyond. They are positive about the event being a success as they are featuring one of the most versatile and talented personalities who is not only a singer, but a guitarist, songwriter, arranger, producer, composer, and a music teacher as well.

Bipul Chettri has successfully managed to blend contemporary sounds to Himalayan mountain folk music. His debut album, Sketches of Darjeeling hit the market in 2014 and spread across the world like wildfire. This album became a top seller within 48 hours of its release on one of the biggest indie retail site in India while making him the Highest Selling Artiste on that portal for the year 2014-15, a feat very rare for a Nepali language album.

His unique compositions draw all kinds of crowds, from youngsters to adults, as his music not only breaks the generation gap but also the physical boundaries. He is from Kalimpong, a major educational town of Darjeeling where he studied and practiced music since childhood. His music reeks of the sounds of the hills and the mountains.
In one of his interviews, he said about Blending folk with contemporary:
“I think the current generation has lost touch with the roots of our music, what with so much music being churned out in this modern digital world of ours. So I thought the best way to keep interest alive was to take this route where even the listeners could relate in some way.” Most of the listeners feel connection of nostalgia and the mountains in his music that is the key element to draw attention of large crowd from all levels of folks”

Maya, the US Tour 2016 is based on his next album called ‘Maya’. According to the organizer, the event starts at the Cocktail lounge and a VIP reception with a drink, which then moves on to one of the most awaited concerts.
The concert also features local artists, one of the most popular pop singers, Nalina Chitrakar. She is not only popular in Nepal but in the US as well, especially in the Bay area. She was named the country’s Best Pop singer in 1999 and 2005. She writes songs about the harmony between Madhesi and Pahadi people.

Bipul Chettri's Maya The US Tour 2016

Naam Bina Ko Entertainment’s, under the Chaudhary Group USA, main goal is to entertain an individual through different ideas ranging from concerts, movie, drama, dance and DJs. Their main aim is to bring joy to every single person attending their event.

Naam Bina Ko Entertainment, aka, Nameless Entertainment’s motto is ‘Kaam Aaile, Naam Pachhi Kamaula’ which literally translates to ‘Work First, Fame Later’.

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