Celebrating Strength In Diversity

With the issue of ethnic differences heating up more than ever, it was about time that someone took a step to spread the message about unity in diversity.

A team with the aim of Celebrating Diversity for Sustainable Peace organised a Silent Gathering and Candle Lighting on May 25 at Khulla Manch.

The event was initiated by a group of youth who believe in the strength of diversity. They believe that differences are natural, and we, Nepalis, are strong enough to reach out to one another, even those we disagree with, to manage our differences peacefully for a better Nepal.

The program was divided into three activities: Gathering and forming  concentric circles prompting despite our differences we, Nepali, can come and work together; lighting of candles meaning the symbol of hope for our country and the participants spent five minutes in silence as to feel the energy of togetherness.

The main objectives of the conduct were to promote peace through recognition, acceptance and respect of each others’ diversity (of culture and of political point of views) and seeing it as our strength and to emphasize non-violent ways to resolve disagreements amongst us.

However, the team wants to point out that they are not protesting against or supporting any kind of debate on federalism or bandhs.


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