Civil Homes Phase III, Sunakothi Bans Pets In Its Houses

dogs“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” ― Josh Billings

The committee members of Civil Homes Phase III, Sunakothi came up with a Bidhan – a book full of “Code of Conducts” for the people living inside this housing development. One of the points in this ‘Bidhan’ states that no house hold is allowed to keep any kind of pets and is asking everyone with pets specially dogs to either send their pets away or get out of their own house. Hence to raise voice against such an inhumane action, one of the residents of the housing has started a petition.

If you too believe that the management of Civil Homes Phase III needs to change then, do support this worthy cause. Your little effort can bring about justice.

Click here to sign the petition.



2 thoughts on “Civil Homes Phase III, Sunakothi Bans Pets In Its Houses”

  1. As a resident of Civil Homes III, I must point out that this article doesn’t mention that members of Civil Homes III were initially asked to:

    1. Leash their dogs (not 24/7) accordingly and appropriately.
    2. Clean their dogs’ defecation in public areas.

    After over a year (or more, I’m not sure because I was in college) of reminding careless dog keepers and after multiple instances of brutal dog attacks on children and after uncountable instances public pet defecation, the committee had no choice but to pass the clause.

    Now, in the past, my family and I have shared our home with dogs, cats, rabbit, fish, chickens and goats. Yes. Goats. But we were very responsible with our pets, and when we did have a violent instance with the cat, we were on guard 24/7 afterward and made sure he wasn’t able to contact/harm anyone again. Unfortunately, not all our neighbors have matured to take up such responsibility and Civil Homes III has, thus, asked them to give away their pets to responsible caretakers outside our community.

    We are no longer allowed to share our home with pets within Civil Homes III and for that we do not blame the committee that was kept in a position to choose between pet ownership and child safety. We blame the irresponsible “pet lovers” who even today continue to leave their dogs unleashed publicly and to allow them to defecate in public areas.

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