CNN Hero Hopeful: Pushpa Basnet

There was no limit to our pride when Anuradha Koirala won the honour of becoming the CNN Hero of the year 2010 for her contribution to rescuing victims of girl trafficking. Now, we may get another chance to relive such a great moment. We have a nominee for CNN Heroes 2012 from Nepal!

Pushpa Basnet
Pushpa Basnet Photo Courtesy:CNN Heros

In the time when everyone is busy worrying about themselves and some even don’t care much about their family, Pushpa Basnet spends her days taking care of children who are not, by any means, blood related to her and once lived in prisons.

It all started when Basnet was just 21. While her family ran a successful business, she was studying social work in college. As part of her studies, she visited a women’s prison and was appalled by the dire conditions. She was also shocked to discover children living behind bars. Due to extremely limited space in the few children’s homes affiliated with the government, arrested parents often must choose between bringing their children to jail with them or letting them live on the streets when no local guardian is available.

Pushpa Basnet Photo Courtesy:CNN Heros

Now at 28, Basnet provides shelter for 40 children in a two-story home that she shares with them. The woman has saved every one of them from a life behind bars. By doing so, she has not only lifted burden off their incarcerated parents but has also given the children hopeful lives. Apart from that, Basnet also operates a day care in Kathmandu for children under 6 years old and a residential home where mostly older children receive education, food, medical care and a chance to live a more normal life.

We salute Basnet for her selfless and noble deeds and hope she will be able to make her mark in more places.

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