Criminal Activities of Maoists in Nepal Persist even after the Peace Treaty

The Maoists have broken the law more often even after signing the 2006 peace deal. During my last visit also, I did not see any sign of improvement by the Maoist in their activities. Rather, I found the incidents of violence and criminal activities to be increasing.

The Maoists combatants are charged with being caught outside the Maoist cantonment with arms, seizing property, looting and mistreatment of women. However, no action has been taken against the combatants due to political pressure. Although there are enough proofs of wrong doing, government could not tackle those of Maoist cadres due to political crisis and unstable government.

Every working organs of the country, especially journalism and education, have suffered from this political instability and particularly from the activities of the Maoist Party. Only because of believing in honest journalism and writing the truth about what is going on around the country made me one of the victims which resulted of getting troubled, physically and mentally tortured and finally made me ran out of my own country.

The Maoists have formed their youth wing, The Youth Communist League (YCL) who is found to have increasingly involved in committing inhumane activities like abduction, murder, beating and issuing threats. The National Human Rights Commission has not approved of the YCL activities as they have violated the fundamental rights enshrined in the Interim Constitution, Comprehensive Peace Agreement and international humanitarian laws.

Due to the violent style of Maoist political activities and militant nature of its youth wing, the YCL, the other political parties have desisted from allying with Maoist that has led to a political deadlock. The international organizations, foreign countries, political parties have wanted the Maoists to renounce the use of violence and terrorism and the YCL to abandon violence and criminal activities. But the Maoists seem to have renounced their violence activities just in words and not in their actions.

The Maoists are still involved in robbery, kidnapping and other criminal activities, and they never showed the symbol of positive change. Criminal activities are deeply rooted inside the party. Due to the fear of abduction, journalists have not been able to write their views on the paper and if they do then they sure have to pay for that. Even more are the women journalists who have to face mistreatment by the Maoist and there are dozens of cases like this. But due to the fear and Maoists pressure they have not been able to file a suit in such cases.

The political deadlock inside the country has created a great obstacle to the Nepalese economy. Businesspeople have to do their work in fear and panic of getting themselves or their family members abducted. Most of the businesses have been closed down. The rate of unemployment has gone up. The youths are found to have been the main victim as they are obliged to leave the country searching for security, good education, jobs, and better life.

May God give these people mercy and teach them few humanitarian lessons.

Shruti Gorkhali

Houston, Texas

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  1. It is very hard to make honest living in Nepal. These Maoists will never let anyone live secured life. They want to keep everybody under their fear. That is why they have been threatening and hurting the journalists, because journalists are the ones who delivers messages to all the nepalese about these Maoists. It is very sad to hear that you have also been one of the victims of these maoists. I feel really sorry for you Shruti. But in Nepal, we should know that power is what we need to survive and there are no palce for those who speaks the truth (i.e. about the activities of these maoists or corrupted politicians).

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