Dangertainment by Aainch Produxon [Short Movie]

After presenting shorts like Passion, mo:mo:, Carta and many more videos, Aainch Produxon is back again with one of their most creative work “Dangertainment”. They have tried to do something different this time besides their usual experiment. Their concept and the motto behind this short movie is to make aware about the influence and impact that the movie makes in our society these days. Movies/Cinemas has a vital role to derive our society indeed and Texas Nepal would like to support their initiation towards their Good Cause movement.


Sabin Basnet

Mingmar Lama

Ganesh Shrestha

BZ Yonghang


Written/Directed: Rozan Shrestha

EFX/Sound/Edit: Kamal Gurung

Voice Over: Laran Sisha


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