Dating Rules

What are the rules for dating? I wish i knew, I would be more than happy to let you know. Often people ask for dating rules and advice. But the thing is every people are different, one rule may not apply to other. In some cases, women might act independent and may not like when their date tries to pay the entire bill, they might find it humiliating. So, it is important to know your date very well before jumping into any decision.

However, there are some universal facts that can be applied in many dates.

    Choosing a public place for a first date might be a good idea as it would be more comfortable and less awkward for the first date.

    Be yourself: Do not pretend to be something that you are not. It will make you more uncomfortable and more confusing. Accept the fact that you need somebody to love you for what you are.

    Listen to your date and show some response to it.

    Be courteous: Men, it might make you feel that it is old school, to open the door for a girl, to offer a seat for her, to call if she reached home safely then you are wrong. These are classic tips, believe me, it works in 90 percent cases.

    Finally, always let your date know if you enjoyed the moment together and be grateful.

I know, you might be thinking. “I knew these things before. “What’s new about that? Well, let me tell you this, often people neglect to follow what they know. See, dating is not that difficult if you bring some effort to it.

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