Decoration Pieces?

Decoration Pieces?


-Dwarika Pd. Shrestha

Whether you’re Black or White

A Slave you are.

You are the Slave.

The Slavery is an

Insult to Mankind,

A Humiliation to the

‘Human Rights’.

* * *

Many Institutions

Whether that be GOs,


are keen to abolish you,

abolish from the Society


* * *

The ILO (International Labor Organization)

The biggest UN body

allocates always

a big ransom

for you to eliminate.

* * *

But again,

But again,

the two monuments of yours’

(both male & female)


sincerely open with

all the Nature Gifts,

in either side of the Gate

of the huge Geneva building

(the ILO Headquarter)

looked like

the wonderful Decoration Pieces,

the logogram of the Victory

the ILO had forever in 1985.


Yet, you’re the slave.

You’re the Pride of them


* * *

You’re the Pride of them (ILO).


Just say not any,

feel comfort

where you are and

how you are.

* * *

Be happy on

keeping crouched-down

on the Gate

of the huge building

always and

in every spring and winter…


you are the slave.

And you are the Slave

to their Pride.

(During the last week of June, 1995, this author had happened to the ILO Headquarter, Geneva to attend a week-long field work in connection of a short training on “Productivity in Small Enterprises” organized by ILO. The training was organized at International Training Center of ILO at Turin, Italy. While passing through those big monuments of black slaves of Africa, carved on the black stone on the main entrance of the Headquarter in Geneva the author had felt very uneasiness and paused for a few minutes to get in. The uneasiness is yet to be healed up when the scene appears in memory. The few lines jotted down here on those monuments of the slaves were an outcome of the feelings.)

Author – Dwarika Pd. Shrestha. 23rd February, 1996 and re-touched on 12/22/2011.

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