Dhiren Gurung for President of ANA 2011

Dhiren GurungDhiren Gurung, a resident of The Colony, Texas, is running for the forthcoming 2011 ANA Presidential Election with a mission to make ANA bigger and better.

Dhiren Gurung has been actively involved with ANA since 2001 in various posts. He started attending ANA conventions since 1998. He served as Sports Committee Chair from 2005-2007, as the Treasurer from 2007-2009 and as the General Secretary from 2009-2011.

Mr. Gurung played a vital role during foundation of Nepalese Society of Texas (NST) in 1998 at the time of its inception. He is one of the advisors for Newah cultural Association of Texas (NCAT) in Dallas, Texas. Prior to joining NCAT, Mr. Gurung served as the President for Health and Education for Nepal (HEN) from 2000-2004 after serving as the Vice-President for HEN from 1999-2000.

Mr. Gurung came to the United States in 1994 as as student in Oklahoma. He graduated with a degree in Computer Science from the University of Central Oklahoma and moved to Dallas in 1997. He has been residing in DFW Metroplex since then. He has been working in IT Telecommunication industry for the last fifteen years.

He is married to Samita Ghale and they have two children Devesh and Deeta.

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Dhiren GurungHow to Participate in ANA Election 2011

In order to participate in the election, one has to be a registered member of ANA (with your valid e-mail id provided) either in 2010 ANA Boston Convention or recent 2011 ANA DC convention.

If not a member then you can still become an ANA member by paying $15 membership fees now. (Step by Step instructions are given below).

Step 1

Go to ANA website: anaonline.org and click on “Donate Now with PayPal”

Step 2

In Purpose Text box: Put “Membership”

In Donation amount text box: Put 15.00 and click on “Update Total”

Step 3

(Option -1: By Credit Card)

Click on “Continue” and Use your credit card or bank account (where available)

(Option -2: By PayPal)


Put email address and password.

Message from Dhiren Gurung:

Your love, support and contribution not only solidifies my position in this race but also shows unity, strength and trust in ourselves. It also allows you to participate in the biggest historical ANA Election. The fund raised through this membership drive will be utilized in social developement of all Nepalis living in the Americas; which in turn will help make ANA Bigger and Better.

Last but not least, long live Nepal, Nepali and ANA.

With regards,

Dhiren Gurung

Your candidate for ANA 2011 Presidential Election

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  1. Wish you best luck dai…

    I could not attend last week sunday function due to Pooja in my home.We will be alway on your side dai. I hope you will bring change in our community.


    Rabindra Kc

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