DJ K-World’s Fresh Collabo: Jati Maya

There’s a hot new song circulating in the world wide web and that’s “Jati Maya” by DJ K-World feat. Indira Joshi, Girish and Karki.

New talent DJ K-World has sought assistance from Girish of GP fame for his very first production. Girish later called in songbird Indira Joshi who had been wanting to collaborate with the rapper since his return from the US. And then came Shreyaskar Karki who has performed as well as penned the lyrics for the melody verse. The rap and the spoken verses have been written by Girish who also plans to feature the single in his upcoming album “Gorkhali G”.

The upbeat dance track has catchy hooks and is bound to get stuck in your head after a couple of listening. Here’s its music video directed by Nikun Shrestha aka DJ Phuchhey.

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  1. DJ K-WOrld is awesomeee.. really a great club music for all of to dance….and he nailed it with the standards … amazing beat, killer mixing… and overall epic production ! cheers mr.kworld

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