Dr. Sanduk Ruit is the “God of Sight” for thousands of Nepalis

This video report by AlJazeeraEnglish documents the work of Dr. Sanduk Ruit, a Nepali eye surgeon some call the “God of Sight” who has successfully treated thousands of Nepalis suffering from cataract and has given them back the precious gift of vision.

Study shows that an estimated 150,000 Nepalis are blind because of cataract with most of the cases being curable. Dr. Ruit has removed over 100,000 cataracts over his 30-year career and is still working hard to treat poor and needy Nepalis across the nation. This news video report prepared by Al Jazeera’s Subina Shrestha during her visit to Dr. Ruit’s clinic at Phulahari Monastery in remote Dhading shows what a remarkable job he is doing. Dr. Ruit is setting the example for many developing countries with his outstanding service. [Source – Aj Jazeera English]

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  1. he is the one who has given a precious gift of vision to all those people who were compelled to live in darkness…….. just because of cataract….

  2. He is the one eye doctor in Nepal who gives light to poor blind people without taking money. His works are always appreciated and definitely deserves to get called a HERO

  3. he is the man of the people and for the people who made the world beautiful for everyone. vote for him

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