Ethnic Groups Bandh: An Unethical Approach, Attack Press


Following the series of Nepal bandhs imposed by different parties, today’s belonged to Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN) and it was as violent as it could be. The bandh in the capital was marred with several unethical activities that had people wondering if the bandh was really for the cause they were supporting. There was no limit to the vandalism that took place but most of all, it was the attack on press that left everyone shocked, sad and disappointed to see how low fellow citizens could stoop.

Source: Ekantipur

There were just too many heart-wrenching incidents that occurred throughout the day.

– The situation at Reporters Club became tense on Sunday after NEFIN General Secretary Aang Kaji Sherpa threatened to ‘finish off’ journalists at a program organised by Reporters Club. His reason for the warning was that the media showcased all the demonstrations of Brahmin-Chhetri protest but stayed bias towards NEFIN and did not report a thing conducted by them.

NEFIN General Secretary Aang Kaji Sherpa (Photo:usnepalonline)

-The bandh enforcers manhandled The Kathmandu Post reporters at Sankhamul Sunday morning. The enforcers attempted to attack them and also vandalized their motorcycles saying that Kantipur did not publish their news and was biased towards the community. Locals said that banda enforcers also torched some 60 copies of Kantipur Daily and TKP in the area. Two more vehicles, one belonging to Kantipur Television, were vandalized at Boudha and Baneshwore.


– Banda enforcers also torched a motorcycle belonging to a camera person of Himalayan Television at Gwarko this morning. Reporters of several media houses including Mountain TV and Avenues TV were also targeted and vans were vandalized. Some motorcycles were torched as well.

– Office of Radio Kantipur at Pulchowk was surrounded by the protestors.

– Ambulance vehicles were also obstructed.

– Cameras from journalists were snatched and destroyed.

-Journalists were insulted with caste-basis remarks.


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    1. agreed its provocative.. The writer(Nepaligoss Gal) gives me an impression that, in the name of (press attack) she is very much worried about ethnic revolution.

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