Euta Sano Story – Nepali Short Movie about Bullying

Directed by Sujit Paudyal and Lakshya Dhungana ‘Euta Sano Story’ is a short Nepali movie about bullying. This movie tells the story of a girl who gets depressed and becomes suicidal after being bullied by schoolmates in a new country she just moved to — luckily gets out of depression eventually with help from counselor and friends from her own country.

Note from the filmmakers

This is a story about a girl who has recently moved to a new country and gets bullied by her schoolmates almost everywhere she goes, even online. She has no one to talk to, her parents are busy working and she hurts herself emotionally and even attempts suicide. With help from the counselor and friends that she meets from her own country she eventually gets out of depression and also stops being bullied.

She is lucky to get that support. Hundreds of people get bullied and a lot of them commit suicide. Do not stand by and watch others be bullied.

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