Kritima Lamichhane – Personality of the Month for December 2009

kritima-lamichhane This month we are featuring Kritima Lamichhane as the Personality of the Month. Miss Lamichhane is a very talented student from Irving, Texas. Even though she is only nine years old she knows quite a lot about Nepali culture, tradition and Hinduism. She can chant slokas and mantras in Sankskrit from different holy books related to Hinduism.

Kritima is the eldest daugher of Krishna Lamichhane and Mala Lamichhane. Her family comes from their native hometown in Gorkha. Born in Kathmandu, Kritima moved to the United States along with her family six years ago. Even though she grew up here in Texas, she is very well-spoken when it comes to Nepali language.

Kritima attends classes at DFW Hindu temple every Sunday, where she learnt about the Bhagwat Gita. She can chant slokas from the Gita and can even explain to others what the book talks about.

Kritima is a fourth grader at Valley Ranch elementary school. She likes dancing and enjoys playing Basketball the most. She also enjoys watching cartoon on TV.

“I like studying History because I like learning about different past events”, says Kritima when we asked her about her favorite subject in school.

Kritima loves reading biographies. She has read biography of President Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton to name few of them. She has also helped raise fund, via Everest Lions Club, to help orphans in Nepal get education. She aims to become a medical doctor in future.

We wish her Good luck with her school and her ambition. We would like to thank her and her parents for the time they set aside to talk with us.

Brief Bio

kritima-lamichhane-2 Full Name : Kritima Lamichhane
DOB : December 10
Birth Place : Kathmandu, Nepal

Parents: Krishna and Mala Lamichhane
Sister: Ichha Lamichhane
Current Residence : Irving, Texas

Hobbies : Playing basketball and watching cartoons
Education: Grade 4 at Valley Ranch Elementary School
Contact: [email protected]

Interview Video


Audio recording of Kritima chanting slokas from the Bhagwat Gita on a local DFW Radio station.

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