Fifth Week of February, First Week of March

It’s that time of year again. The time when God can’t decide whether Texas should get cold weather or hot weather. So, instead of basking in the sun like people in Los Angeles or shoveling snow from the driveway like Boston, Texans are stuck at home with fevers, coughs, seasonal allergies, and runny noses. Well, I am anyways.

So, in honor of Texas being so undecisive, here’s what to “expect” in the last week of February 2010. Just remember, I’m using the word expect very lightly. If you expect some kind of weather from Texas, you probably don’t have a high chance of getting it.

Mon, Mar 1:

Rain, 44° – 35°

Tue, Mar 2:

Partly Cloudy, 51° – 35°

Wed, Mar 3:

Partly Cloudy, 53° – 39°

Thu, Mar 4:

Partly Cloudy, 61° – 45°

Fri, Mar 5:

Showers, 62° – 48°

Sat, Mar 6:

Showers, 63° – 46°

Sun, Mar 7:

Few Showers, 64° – 50°

Mon, Mar 8:

Showers, 64° – 40°

If you think I’m some weather-magician and just figured that out by looking out at the day outside, consider yourself disappointed. (ironically about…weather!) is a perfect place to check out questions about weather. Just a safety precaution from me: be sure to check the weather before going cross-country on vacation. Make sure to look at signs that say: DANGER! NO ROAD AHEAD! They might prove to be helpful:) And always plan ahead.

Speaking about planning and being helpful, on to my blog for this week. In a year, I will be out driving in the same road as you. In the next couple of years, your brother or sister may be driving in the same road as you. In five years, you may be driving in the same road as us. Just always remember to be careful when you’re going out on new endevours, like, for instance, finding a new job.

I used to babysit when I was as young as twelve. You may already have a job, you may not have any intentions of having a job until you’re 30, or you may be looking for a job. I’m here for the rescue. Duhn-duh-dah!

Brownie points if you can guess what you need to apply for a job…

A résumé, you say? You’re absolutely right. Before you can walk up to Rue 21’s manager, you need to have a résumé on board. What exaclty is a résumé? It is simply a brief written account of personal, educational, and professional qualifications and experience. It’s about you, how much time you’ve spent in school, which schools you’ve attended, and what things you are awesomely awesome at( please don’t put that word on your next English essay…unless you’re well prepared for an F-)! Here’s how a typical résumé should look like:

Your name should be BIG

Street Name

City, State – Zip Code

(Area Code) ###-####


(For Pete’s sake, please don’t put in an email like [email protected]!)


  • (GPA: …)
  • Sorry…there should be no bullets for CITY, STATE/COUNTRY and (GPA: …), but I can’t seem to delete it right.


  • Trilingual
  •   Computer Literate, etc.

Honors and Activities



Work Experience

  •  Name of company by most recent                                          (Years Worked)


 So there you have it: the key to your next job. So, in closing, have a great week and…stay out of trouble!


Word of the Week

satire (noun)

1. the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc.


Winner of Superbowl Pick

Niranjan KC


Picture of the Week



Kirtipur, Kathmandu Valley, Nepal: Old peasant woman transporting hay. Photo by W.Allgöwer.

Part of


What’s Happenin’?


8.8 Magnitude earthquake in Chile, Winter Olympics, 507-carat diamond sold for $35.3 million, Oscar’s on March 7th.


Movies From Friday


Cop Out, The Crazies, Defendor,The Art of Steal, A Prophet, and The Yellow Hankercheif hit theatres February 26. What are you most excited for?

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