“Finals” time of the Semester and surviving it

Surviving College Finals
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This time of the year is probably the most beautiful time of the year, at least for me. Lights, decorations, Christmas trees outside are just so prettier that I just want to hang outside. But, for us; College students, this is the most stressful time of the year too. As we are approaching to the end of the semester, we are also to be preparing for the finals, and finishing up papers, and other works. And, I know, it is very overwhelming.

Finals are harder especially if they are cumulative, also because lots of us are hoping to raise our grade. We are all trying to hyper learn intensely these 2 weeks. It feels like this much time is simply not enough. If it is so for you too, always talk to your professor. Sometimes, they can generous enough to extend your time or raise your points a little if failing situations. Even so, there is simply no way we can change our grade or go back in the past month and make ourselves work harder. All you can do is study for it, now. Yes, studying at the end is hectic, but don’t pull all nighters. You would actually perform better if you rest well, trust me. I have been there. Please, make sure to eat enough food. May be, if you can, go for a protein diet. Protein recovers our newly formed nerve cells or prevents from degenerate it. So, we could retrieve more memory for finals.

If things don’t work out, don’t strain yourselves. Some classes might seem like this might mean more to your career, but things will work out at the end. This is not the end of the world. Life will move on, Semester will be over, and sun will still rise tomorrow.

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