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We all know about the condition of sports in our country, football to be more specific. We have great talents, and passion is what is driving our players to give good performance. However, their presentation would’ve been better, had there are been several factors not lacking.

The bitter fact is we do not have many essential elements for a better football. We lack the proactiveness and the basics – good preparation, infrastructures, trainings, friendlies, proper diet, football strength and conditioning, proper management, in the country. But despite all these shortages, we must feel proud of our national team for providing far better output in comparison to the input invested on them. This has been possible with their spirit and the immense support from you – the Gorkhali fans.

Apart from moral support, football is a game which requires a lot many things along with the fundamentals. Development should come from all sides. Therefore, to help out with just that, has initiated GoalNepal Fund. It is a “fund raising program” for the development of Nepalese football. The website, completely dedicated to Nepali football, believes together, we can help the game as well as its players grow.

The site has come up with “1 USD / Month Campaign”. You can contribute just 1 USD or equivalent money every month to GoalNepal Fund. And then you will be provided with a “Donor Card” to those who donate the amount to the fund for a year. Details of your help will be posted in the site.

You can send your help details at [email protected].

Let’s join hands together to make Nepalese football competitive, entertaining and praiseworthy. Our small contribution will make a great difference.

Here’s how you can donate:

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