FUNNY: Alanis Morissette Shows Her Hilarious Side On Her Cover of BEP’s ‘My Humps’

My ‘craving’ for listening to a certain type of music with every day has been quite fruitful to me lately. Once I’ve got to get hooked to the current hits, the other time I’m yearning to go back to the yester years of the 90s esp for its alternative rock music. So very recently I really wanted to fill my soul with some Alanis Morissette music and so I did, surfing through youtube videos. AND the best thing happened, I came across this gem of a cover/parody video done by this Canadian rockstress, well, along with some of her friends I suppose. It was her own sultry version of Black Eyed Peas smash My Humps!!! You read it right!

We may have gotten a very serious impression of Alanis from her songs off her hit album Jagged Little Pill 20 years ago but I’m beginning to think she actually has a great sense of humour! Believe it or not, her take on this hip hop/R&B track is VERY hilarious! OMG, she is such a good actress as well!!! I fell in love with her all over again while watching it. BTW, she is imitating Fergie in the clip. So do check it out and have a good laugh… Should help you out with your not so happy mood, perhaps!

Lastly, I wan to say that I was quite disappointed at myself for discovering this awesome vid 8 years after it was posted… But better late than never!

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