Handicapped Nepali writer Jhamak Ghimire wins Madan Puraskar

Jhamak Kumari GhimireJhamak Kumari Ghimire, a handicapped Nepali writer from Dhankuta, has been awarded the prestigious Madan Puraskar for the year 2067 BS.

A press release issued by Mada Puraskar Guthi stated the general assembly of the Guthi decided to award Jhamak Ghimire with the award for her autobiography “Jeewan Kaada ki Ful”.

Jhamak Kumari becomes the second Nepali woman writer to win the award after Parijaat who won the award in 2022 BS.

Likewise the Guthi committee has also decided to award the Jagadamba Shree award for 2067 to poet Durga Lal Shrestha for his four-decade-long contribution to Nepali literature with his melodious songs, poems and children’s literature.

Both awards are worth NRs 2 lakhs. They will be awarded during upcoming Dashain nauratha.

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  1. I really solute you,you are the great and we all are proud of you

    hope the future will be more creative period for you.

  2. I really liked her views in Jeevan Kaada Ki Ful She’s the source of inspiration and positivity for me! Thankyou for inspiring all of us.

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