Help Linkin Park Provide Biogas For Nepali Village

Linkin Park have already been loved by millions around the globe for their music and now they are going to be appreciated evenlinkin-park-2v more especially by Nepali fans since the multi-platinum American rock band are all set to provide clean energy to a Nepali village.

According to an article published in The Himalayan Times, the two-time Grammy winning band and Music For Relief (MFR) -a non-profit organisation founded by the rockers -will be working together with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) for that purpose. The WWF and MFR launched a campaign on October 22 to raise necessary funds to provide an entire village of Chitwan with clean, green biogas technology, as per a WWF press statement. The MFR and WWF are partners in the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, a public-private partnership working to create a global market for clean cooking solutions.

“It’s exciting to find a solution that helps on multiple levels,“ the press release quoted Dave `Phoenix’ Farrell, the bassist and backup vocalist of Linkin Park as saying. “The clean, biogas cookstoves WWF is implementing will improve families’ health, keep women and children safer and protect the environment. We hope our supporters will join us in providing technology for those living in the Terai in Nepal.”

“The campaign aims to raise $100,000,“ informed Simrika Sharma Marasini, Senior Communications Officer at WWF Nepal. And MFR will reward supporters who raise funds for the campaign with a chance to win tickets to see Linkin Park at a private performance in Las Vegas in January. As per the MFR website, each person who raises $565 (average cost of one biogas system) by November 22 is entered to win two tickets to see Linkin Park’s performance. “If situation becomes favourable in Nepal, they have said they might come to Nepal for a performance too,” Sharma Marasini further revealed.

“We are encouraged by the efforts of Linkin Park and MFR to help deliver this simple yet effective technology to local communities in the Terai Arc Landscape,“ Anil Manandhar, Country Representative of WWF Nepal, was quoted as saying in the press statement. “We hope that people see the value in this campaign and be a part of the solution that transforms people’s lives in Nepal.“

A segment of Power the World (an initiative that brings together Linkin Park, MFR and the UN Secretary General that seeks to bring sustainable energy solutions to one million people), the “clean cookstove” campaign follows success of other campaigns like providing solar lights in Haiti, solar suitcases in Uganda, and SOCCKET in South America. Click here to donate to this fundraiser.

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