Hindi TV Series Claims – ‘Buddha was born in India’

The moment I saw the promo for the new Hindi TV series Buddha, I knew it was going to raise a lot of debate and controversy because I knew it would claim that Lord Buddha was born in India, which for a fact, is untrue. And we, Nepalese, are certainly not living in delusion to say so when almost half of the world already believe and know that Gautam Buddha was born in Lumbini, Nepal. Although some do say that Lumbini may not have been part of Nepal at the time when the light of Asia stepped into this world, let us be aware of the fact that it is now part of Nepal and NOT India and that he achieved enlightenment in India.

In spite of friendly/unfriendly relationship with our neighbouring country, it is very sad to see the new Zee TV series showing such false information. One of the starring actors Kabir Bedi clearly says that India is the birth place of  Buddha at the grand launch of the show speaking to the media whereas veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan himself stated Gautam Buddha was born in Nepal on Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC).

I know claiming this and claiming that won’t get us far. We can’t raise a war to prove that symbol of ‘Peace’ was born in Nepal. The fact remains the fact no one can change it. However, let us not choose violence just to prove it.

Here’s the video of the launch of Buddha – TV Series.

One thought on “Hindi TV Series Claims – ‘Buddha was born in India’”

  1. I think the whole controversy has just been created. As you have stated Lumbini may have been a part of India at the time of birth of Raja Siddhartha(Gautam Buddha).
    Now Lumbini is in Nepal but it is also a fact that Gautam Buddha was born a HIndu and wanted to spread the message of peace and never wanted to create a different Religion.

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