Honesty is the best policy (Or is it?)

After I was finally prepared for my third test of Organic Chemistry, I went to the testing center to take it. As soon as I took my seat with test paper in my hand, I realized that the test I was given was for the fourth test or for the next test. Without even scanning through the paper, I just stood up and exchanged my paper. Now the question is “was it a right thing to do?” May be you will say – ”yes” but again I want to ask “was it – a smart thing to do”?

After I was done with my third test, I started thinking about my actions. I was filled with mixed emotions. I was so prepared for my third test and still I could not do the best. It was not the first time that had happened to me in Organic Chem test. No matter how prepared I was, I could never make more than a B. May be the way I was studying was wrong! Whatever the reason was, my grades were being affected. It made me feel more guilty about not going through the questions. At least, it would have helped me to earn an A in the next test.

I wonder what would have gone wrong if I had actually run through the questions. It was not cheating, was it? I did nothing bad, the paper just came into my hands – it was my luck that I let go off. Next, it would have hurt nobody (it is my way of judgment to difference right and wrong).

But again there is another side to it. I know what I did was not bad too. I was being honest , I was following my moral conscience though it was not very smart thing to do. I was thinking about it a lot. I had good and evil “loona” fighting inside my head all day and night. I really wanted to know what other might have done in the same situation.

So, after test four I went to my class and confronted it to some of my classmates. They said I was stupid but other than that they did not care. I was surprised. The REASON: One of my classmates had already leaked all the questions from the test four and the CONSEQUENCE: everyone from the class had made an A except me.

Well, this whole experience just left me wonder “Is honesty always the best policy?”

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