Hotel In Lumbini Grants Rs 1 m To Local Child Home

hotel kasai

A hotel in Lumbini has donated ten lakh rupees to a child home in Taulihawa in Kapilvastu as an act of kindness.

General manager of the Kasai Hotel Bikesh Manandhar handed over a cheque for the same amount to the patron of the child home and Chief District Officer Indu Ghimire amid a program today (June 30, 2016).

Manandhar said that the donation was made on behalf of Tokushin Kasai, owner of the hotel, who wished to do so two years ago. As told by the child home authority, the donation amount is certain to help the child home run smoothly as it was falling on hard times to operate due to low budget.

District chairman of the Nepal Children’s Organization Raju Prasad Aryal said that the donation is of a great help for the child home as it was facing budget crunch.

Currently the child home is providing shelter to 17 orphans.

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