How to send Free Text Messages to any Cell Phone via Email

email-smsIt is very easy to send a short email to your friends or family members and have it delivered to their cell phones as SMS (text messages). All you need to know is the service provider of the receiving person.

Once you know the carrier (cell phone company) of your recipient, simply use the carrier-specific email address, pick one from the list below, in the format of [email protected]/.net to send a short email which gets delivered as a text message.

To maintain the effectiveness of your SMS emails, consider integrating an advanced email verification tool into your communication strategy. Check here for user-friendly and efficient email verification services that can quickly scan and validate your email addresses. By utilizing such a tool, you can  guaranteeing that your short emails reach your friends and family members promptly and without any disruptions.

For example if you are sending an SMS to a T-Mobile number 2141121100 in the United States, you need to address your email to [email protected].

Major US Carriers




Nepal (updated)


Warning: Please limit the words you send via email. If it is too long your recipient might not receive it since text messages are limited to 140 characters. Sending text messages via email is free but your recipients might be charged by their phone carriers.

If you know more phone carriers and their email addresses, please share it as a comment below.

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  1. I am sorry, I only received failure notice. Sorry if I am wrong, but tell me the way to connect text sms to Nepal. I did what is written here.

  2. Its not working of ncell..I Have send according to their format..But………….Please help me some nepalese???????????????;)

    1. To send sms through first you hav to activate Option SMS TO email…….It cost RS. 30 Per month..Procedure as following..


      Relay your message from SMS-to-Email or vice versa

      SMS-to-Email service will make it easy for you to stay connected while you are on the move. SMS-to-Email service relays SMS as emails and the message is delivered to the recipient’s email address. You can also receive emails sent to your number as SMS.

      Options for activation:

      1. Dial 900 and follow the instructions

      2. Dial *100# and follow the instructions

      3. Type A and send SMS to 900223

      Options for deactivation:

      1. Dial 900 and follow the instructions

      2. Dial *100# and follow the instructions

      3. Type R and send SMS to 900223

      How to send SMS-to-Email?

      Go to create new message. Type the email address of the recipient followed by a space and your message. Send the SMS to 9205

      For example: To 9205

      [email protected] (space)Hello, how are you?

      How to send Email-to-SMS?

      Go to new email. Type your message and send it to 977mobile [email protected]

      For example: To [email protected]

      Hello, how are you?

      (OR visit This LINk…

  3. It didn’t work for AT&T. I only received failure notices and I tried and .What else can I use to send attachments to an AT&T number?

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