Hyper Japan 2012

Hyper Japan 2012 was held in Earl’s court, London for three days (24th February-26th February, 2012) to celebrate the fantastic Japanese culture, fashion and cuisine. Japanese fashion always used to fascinate me, the reason being that they have different style which is quirky, cool, cute and edgy. The yearning to explore further on Japanese fashion motivated me to attend this event. This was the golden opportunity for me to explore their fashion and boy, it didn’t disappoint me at all. In fact, it blew me away. As a result, I can’t stop articulating how amazing their fashion is.

Like always, the day was very hectic for me. I love Lolita Japanese style as it is very girly and cute. I wanted to attend the event in Lolita style but sadly, I failed to find any good clothes and accessories. In the end, I had to resort on very simple yet feminine candy colour top and brown pencil skirt with candy colour polka dots. As soon as arrived at the event, I witnessed the place was crammed with people in quirky outfits. I noticed that it was not only the Japanese people but lots of young English girls and boys were there dressed up in the Japanese style. This proves how appealing their fashion is. From Lolita, Harajuku to Japanese cartoon characters styles were seen on the venue. I couldn’t help taking pictures of most of the people I observed. Everywhere I walked, I found some interesting people and to my surprise, I realised that I had actually spent more time taking pictures of others than I normally do.

Lolita style was more popular in the event. Victorian skirts and dresses were worn with tutu skirt beneath to give the extra needed volume. Lace trimmed and ruffled blouses were worn with the dress and skirts. Large headbows, cute purses and elegant parasols were accessories worn with the outfits.  Boys were mostly dressed in cartoon characters. I also witnessed some of the girls wearing Harajuku style. They mostly wear knee length socks, short skirts with normal top and lots of hair accessories. Nintendo DS and ice-cream necklace was something, I had never seen people wearing and it was very interesting to witness that. The fact that it went very well with the outfit amazed me as many people including me would not consider wearing those sorts of necklaces with our outfits. The event was wonderful.

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Photos: Sarita Chamling Rai

Editor’s Note: Sarita Chamling Rai, a London-based fashion blogger is the author of this post who contributes to the weekly Fashion Friday segment on TexasNepal Blog. To read more of her blog posts please visit her personal blog at fashionbeautybug.com.

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